Why We Chose Home Learning

Today I thought I’d share our family’s reasons for homeschooling to demystify the concept a bit!  Each family has their own unique reasons for choosing home learning, whether it’s a matter of convenience, personal freedom, logistics, or religion.

So, why do we do what we do?


The reasons we chose home learning for our children, and our family, and demystifying the concept one day at a time through sharing our experiences. WordsbyErynn.com

Homeschooling preserves family time

Our boys have a bit of an age gap, so Lucas was newly 4 when little brother Elias was born.  Lucas was slated to begin preschool, meaning he’d be gone all day.  Meanwhile the “new” baby would be at home with me and Papa.

Lucas struggled with adjusting to a little brother, going to school would have felt like being demoted and replaced!  He wanted to be there and be involved.  Mostly to make sure he was getting the same amount of attention as his brother.

Now that Elias is bigger, the boys roughhouse together and cuddle up to read books with me and Papa.  They enjoy being together at least 80% of the time!


Home learning isn’t just in the home

By the time Lucas reached preschool age, we already had years of day trips and vacations under our belt.  For a few years, we’ve made it an annual tradition to travel to the coast.  We love going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium each time we are in town.  Luckily, it is much less congested on weekday mornings than during the weekend.

We typically visit the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz in the summer months.  On occasion we have arrived a week or two after the local public schools are back in session.

We started our trend of day tripping on weekdays due to my scheduled days off from my old job.  To have only the weekends to get out and explore would mean lots of time off and less money in the bank!

I am a huge planner and organizer for trips and outings.  I only want to be boxed in by my own parameters, not the yearly district calendar’s.


Home learning is flexible

The boys typically wake up in the morning around 8 or 9.  We don’t have a strict bedtime, but they’re usually in bed by 9 or 10 with very little fuss.  If Lucas had to get up for school every morning at 7 or earlier, the whole family would be going to bed by 8pm.  We’d also be waking Elias up early to get Lucas to school.

There are days when Lucas wants to engineer dams in the creek all day, and days when he will happily sit and complete worksheet after worksheet.  A typical classroom setting would not fulfill his varying needs. At home we’re able to adjust when necessary.

Our kids are active- rambunctiously so- and keeping them at a desk just wouldn’t work.  With home learning, I have the freedom to call a break or change plans completely to meet my boys’ needs.


Why does home learning work best for your family?

Drop me a comment and share!