3 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job

How do you know when it’s time to take that terrifying leap and leave a comfortable yet ambition killing job? If you’re tired of doing what you’re told and merely existing to pay the bills, it might be time to leave the nine to five grind behind. Here are 3 signs it might be time to quit your job and move on to working from home wherever you damn well please.


3 signs it might be time to quit your job and move on to working from home from WordsbyErynn

1- You dread your job.

Maybe it’s the excessive commute or maybe it’s your backstabbing, snooty coworkers. Either way, you dread the start of your work week and probably each work day too. It could be that working at this soul-crushing job is merely a means of provision for your family. Possibly you’re just tired of facing your jerk boss and plotting your every move so as not to upset the status quo. We all know rocking the boat means the potential for being thrown overboard.

If you’re standing in line at the grocery store and having pangs of anxiety because you have to be at the office next morning and there is so. little. time. to do everything that’s necessary and important, then your dread is more than the Monday morning hangover blues.

We’re supposed to enjoy our work. Yes, I said it! Life in general is meant to be enjoyed. So if the knowledge that you’re going to spend the foreseeable future within those four walls has you questioning the need for prescription strength coping mechanisms, it’s about time to bail out.

2- You count lost hours.

You feel the hours passing and lament their waste. You can think of a list of twenty other things you could be doing that would make you much happier than sitting at this desk. You consider the cost of things you have to purchase and realize how long it takes you to actually earn them. You wonder if anyone would pay you to crochet coffee cup cozies or paint rocks. You contemplate cutting cable and cell phones and half your grocery budget so that you can live off of meager savings for a few months while you figure out how else you could feasibly make money. You would do almost anything to be able to walk away from this income source and do something, anything else.

Not a fulfilling career, folks. If you’re unable to mentally be at rest at work, you don’t belong there. Yes, a job is a job, but what if you could still pay the bills doing something else? This is a strong indicator that you should quit your job and investigate other avenues of progress.

3- You have talents you’re not using.

Are you currently working at your dream job? I don’t mean the career you aspired toward as a child, or what your degree dictates you’re supposedly good at. I mean the deep down, world-changing, ass-kicking, revitalizing, awakening dream you have to actually do something in life. Of course, not everyone can be a rockstar or rescue all the kitties. The thing is, everyone has a dream that has been written off as impossible when it’s not impossible at all.

I have always been told I’m good at writing. I have an eye for errors in text and always have to refrain from highlighting spelling mistakes on restaurant menus. What I don’t yet know I’m willing to teach myself. I never stop asking questions or planning ahead. None of this got me a job in my ideal field, and none of it mattered at all in interviews for marketing related jobs. It DOES matter with my clients, because it translates into well written and worthwhile copy that they don’t have to stress over. I offer a service that is valuable to many people, the kind of people I enjoy working with.

Is it time for you to quit your job?

I used to think that to do what I loved, I’d need a boatload of money to get started. I had all these misconceptions about timing and missed opportunities, when I’ve actually been stagnating needlessly for years. There are plenty of excuses that can hold you back if you’re willing to let them, but none is good enough to justify wasting your life and your talents (I know you’ve got ’em!).

I know very few people who are actually doing what they love in life. I don’t want to live the rest of my life paying bills and counting hours. Even if my current gig doesn’t pan out, I refuse to re-enter the rat race.

If you’re here because you’re contemplating making a huge life change and want to quit your job, seriously consider it. Don’t settle for a career that makes you miserable. Stop catering to people who refuse to see the value in you.

Stay tuned for the next in my series of posts related to leaving our tolerable yet disenchanting jobs for fresh opportunity!