3 Reasons I Enjoy Public Speaking

I know, I must be crazy!  But between group presentations and solo speeches in college, I learned to love public speaking.  I even claim to be halfway decent at it.  After a few years of classes speaking about everything from Mexican history to the building of the new Kings stadium, I’ve learned to appreciate the opportunities that speaking publicly allows.


3 reasons why public speaking can be enjoyable! A lot of people, business professionals included, hate public speaking- but they shouldn't! -WordsbyErynn.com

3 Reasons I Enjoy Public Speaking

It’s still nerve wracking to stand up and start talking to a group of strangers!  But here are the reasons you should learn to love public speaking.


1 Your audience is stuck with you

Whether you’re giving a slideshow presentation about amoebas for a science class, a training session on customer service skills, or an Intro to Public Speaking speech about homeschooling, your audience really can’t get away.  Sure, people stared off into space when I gave a presentation about car seat safety.  But, what other choice did they have than to listen?  Hopefully, at least one of those college students remembered my encyclopedic knowledge of car seat safety and applied it later in life!

Whether you’re addressing classmates, coworkers, big bosses, or your community, people are going to listen.  They will absorb at least some of what you’re informing them about.  Take advantage of this, even if you feel like you’re going to puke.  Odds are, someone out there will benefit from what you’re sharing.

I personally learned a few things about dental hygiene, owning a small business, and playing basketball from my classmates’ speeches in our beginning public speaking course.  See, someone paid attention to them too!


2 You are honing your skills

By the time I finished my Communication degree, I would jump at the chance to give a presentation, regardless of the subject.  I want to improve upon everything I do, and practice is the only way to get there.  I look at public speaking the same as I do job interviews.  Each interview is a chance to polish up my interviewing skills- job offer or not.  It’s an opportunity to learn how to best promote myself.  Not everyone is going to like me, or think that I’m the perfect fit for a position.  So why not get in there and make contact with the hiring manager, meet some people I aspire to be like, and see where it goes?

The same goes for speaking in front of an audience.  Worst case scenario, they don’t like what you’re presenting and don’t stick around for an encore.


I benefit from trying something new

It might be petrifying, but let your fear carry you instead of bury you! Public speaking: it might be petrifying, but let your fear carry you instead of bury you! Click To Tweet

You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try it.  If you simply go with the fear and do it anyway, at the very least you’ll learn something new from the experience.  In that intro to public speaking class I mentioned, one of my classmates literally ran from the room to throw up during her first speech.  The other two speeches?  She got through them.  It may not have been ideal, but she got out of her comfort zone and ultimately found success.

If I’m not outside my comfort zone at least every once in a while, even I find myself boring.  We need new experiences to grow, and public speaking is one of my favorites!


Do you enjoy public speaking?

Or maybe you have another thrill-inducing hobby that scares most normal people.  Tell me about it in the comments!