DIY Magnet Board

Looking for an easy DIY to occupy the kids? I found this idea years ago and knew my then preschooler would love a magnet board for his collection of stolen fridge magnets (plus some that I made, too).

I originally wanted to make a felt board for Lucas, but when I presented it to him, he was not thrilled and I was, honestly, very disappointed. My hands-on kid wanted nothing to do with the biggest component of TV-free playtime I could think of, and I was lost! Plus I had a pile of felt that was pretty much useless.

Then, I noticed that things started falling off our fridge… Magnets were disappearing, and reappearing in the oddest places- stuck to hair clips, riding on metal cars, adhered to lamps. And thus I found something I could craft for Lucas- a magnet board!

I looked online, starting on Etsy, and came up short. I wanted something bigger than a TV tray size, but didn’t want to pay upwards of $30 for such an item. Then I did a few web searches, and found some DIY ideas for cheap and easy magnet boards. The most popular option seemed to be an oil pan, so off to Walmart we went. Twelve dollars later we had a suitable blank canvas for the magnet board.

A can of green spray paint (plus some elbow grease from Luis), and we’re all set up for magnet play. I ended up using that felt after all, to make some space themed magnets, and Lucas approves of those!

Mag board pic

This is probably the easiest DIY project we’ve done, and gotten the most mileage out of (kid number two now).


*The content in this post originated at a now-defunct WordPress blog of mine that’s been abandoned for years. I decided to pull the most viewed posts from there and re-share!