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How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

I wish I could say I have a magic formula for coming up with the perfect marketing product descriptions to sell anything to anyone. Unfortunately, all I have to offer are a few necessities I’ve learned over the course of writing for my clients. Hopefully you’ll at least be a little less lost than before, right?

Be honest in your product descriptions

You’re not selling snake oil. Well, maybe you are, but you should be upfront about it. Marketing is not defined by selling through whatever means necessary. Being dishonest to your customers in your product descriptions won’t win you sales. Even if it does, it wins you a whole bunch of negative reviews too, once customers receive their orders.

Don’t make false claims about your product, or describe it in a way that suggests the wrong idea. Make sure your potential buyer understands your hand made ring is gold plated, not one hundred percent solid gold. Don’t tell your customers your product is from a pet free home, when your malamute accompanies you to your studio.

Describe (with some pizzazz!)

For any topic you are writing on, I recommend to always start by brainstorming words to use throughout your copy. If your product is cozy, call it cozy, but also use warm, welcoming, inviting, snuggly, comfortable, and the like. No one wants to buy a comfortable couch that’s just comfortable and they’ll be comfortable sitting on it. They want a comfortable couch that cozies up their living space and makes it more welcoming (how’s that for a product description? Now do you want to buy my old couch?).

A thesaurus might actually come in handy here, but make sure you thoroughly understand the meaning of a word before plugging in whatever term Word suggests. And don’t get all hoity toity calling your new product revolutionary or innovative, unless it’s truly some scientific accomplishment beyond the reaches of what’s possible for us mere mortals.

Give positive vibes

People want to know what’s great about what you’re selling, and why they must. have. it. Be genuine and positive about what you’re selling, and your customers will be excited too. Give lots of ideas on how to use your product and explain how it’s going to make your customers’ lives better. If you talk about what you sell positively, your confidence in your product shows.

Obviously, avoid ever say anything negative in your product descriptions. Definitely don’t allude to the fact that a competitor’s product might be superior. Don’t liken your product to any other, or state brand names, because you could end up sued, or potentially lose business to them when your viewers head off to Google!

Show personality

You might think that since your potential customer is already viewing your product, they’re ready to commit. I mean, it’s an awesome product, the photos make it look glorious, what reason is there for a potential customer to click away? I’ve got a secret for you. No matter how amazing a product is, if the product description is only a list of the dimensions and the materials, you are going to miss out on sales.

When you set up shop, you’re personally addressing each individual person who looks at any given listing. Your product descriptions should share the same personality as you and your business, and serve as more than just a sales pitch imploring people to buy. If you have a personal story about what you make, by all means, share it! Connecting with your customers is step one in nurturing a relationship, and securing repeat business!

Every bit of text on your site or in your store is a bit of your brand’s message, and it should all be consistent and customer-focused. Investing in your content means you’re investing in your customers and their experience, not just marketing your wares.