Copywriting + creative communication services custom tailored for your needs.



Website Copy


Genuinely welcome your audience with effective communication and a splash of your personality.  Infuse your brand with your personality, your voice, and your style.

Your story speaks to your customers, so let’s tell it boldly.




Casual, funny, persuasive, authoritative.  Choose your voice, and I’ll craft a post to suit it.  Whether it’s 300 words to remind customers what you do and how, or a 1000 word, research-based article on an involved process or topic, I’ll do the writing so you don’t have to.


Product Descriptions


Show customers how your product or service benefits them, sleaze-free.  I offer thoughtful, creative product descriptions that don’t involve exaggeration or simplistic observations.  Let’s showcase your product in a meaningful, connecting way.


Resume & Cover Letter


Your professional resume and cover letter are the all-important documents that have the potential to get you noticed far before you ever set foot in an interview. The ideal resume will convey your unique skill set, promote your relevant experience, and frame you as a desirable asset to the company you are applying to!

Draw the right kind of attention to your application with a personalized cover letter that details who you are, why you are the perfect fit for your desired position, and illustrates enthusiasm for the opportunity. You provide the job listing, and I create the ideal cover letter that’s ready to send!


About Me/Social Media Bio


Who you are online is often the first sample potential employers or customers receive of your personality and expertise.  Ensure that your audience gets the message clearly!  With your provided background information, I will devise a succinct bio that summarizes your personality, experience, talents, and interests.



An investment in your words isn’t a one-time benefit to page views. It’s a long term promotional tool, because your copy keeps working long after my job is completed!



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