About Me

I give your written content the attention it deserves!


I’m a freelance writer who writes B2C content that helps small businesses stand out.  I write for small businesses that are growing into their online spaces, entrepreneurs who need a blogging boost, and online shops that crave lively and engaging product descriptions.  Ghostwriting is my specialty, but I’m open to claiming that byline, too!




Web copy: written content that establishes your business’s personality


If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, your written content is your client link!  You want to capture their attention, draw them in, and convince them to stay awhile.  I make your website or storefront cozy.


Blog: Your direct message to customers


Your business’s blog connects you directly to your audience- customers looking for information or products that you offer.  Give them engaging, useful, actionable content that they’ll want to share. I write in a conversational, knowledgeable tone, for copy that speaks to your customers.


Product descriptions: A sales pitch, without the sales pitch


Whether you sell lavender scented shampoo bars or host a B&B by the beach, you’re not just offering a product or service. You’re offering an experience! Honest, deliberate copy helps you connect with clients, and spread that happiness all around.  I provide the descriptive flair that elevates your product above the rest.



Additional niche writing services:


  • Resume writing:  Functional, engaging, and professional resume uniquely tailored to your experience and attributes.  Cover letters individually written to suit the requirements of your dream job posting.
  • Etsy shop content:  Cohesive, brand-focused writing for use in your online shop platform.
  • Social media bios:  Personalized About Me that summarizes your key talents and experience, in an innovative, storytelling way.


What now?


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